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Help IAM plugin source
Can someone tell me the source of this plugin?

No and fuck you for looking it.
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What is a "IAM"?
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(03-12-2014, 06:24)SailorMoon Wrote: What IAM?

Itsmods not support TeknoGods. only STEAM
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Can anyone send me by pm the ingame rcon tool version 0.7.0 source instead of 0.7.5?

Does anyone know where can i find the source of IAM plugin for TeknoGods?

Can't You READ TeknoMw3 is not supported here. Go to the Teknomw3 site and ask them.
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(03-12-2014, 19:03)Casper Wrote: Can't You READ TeknoMw3 is not supported here. Go to the Teknomw3 site and ask them.
Ok, thanks.

(03-12-2014, 16:04)Dude Wrote: Itsmods not support TeknoGods. only STEAM

Itsmods going to support a client soon. Plutonium(PlutoIW5) will be modified with the latest build of mw3 (1.9.466).

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