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Help GunGame Dedicated Server more than 20 weapons?
Hello, on a dedicated server can you add more than 20 weapons?

Here's what i've tried so far. (And i've tried alot, even deleting all the other dsr's from the dedicated server, so only default and server config is left as well as GG_default.dsr but it keeps defaulting back to the standard 18 weapons starting with the deagle. Even though that file simply doesn't exist to load the 18/deagle from. As all that's in the GG_default is the weapons below.

Yes I have the WHOLE GG_default file, just it's too big to paste the full thing into it's mods code box.

gameOpt gunData.guns.[1] "iw5_usp45" // USP.45                          
gameOpt gunData.guns.[2] "iw5_p99" // P99
gameOpt gunData.guns.[3] "iw5_mp412" // MP412
gameOpt gunData.guns.[4] "iw5_44magnum" // 44 Magnum
gameOpt gunData.guns.[5] "iw5_fnfiveseven" // Five Seven
gameOpt gunData.guns.[6] "iw5_deserteagle" // Desert Eagle
gameOpt gunData.guns.[7] "iw5_fmg9" // FMG9
gameOpt gunData.guns.[8] "iw5_mp9" // MP9
gameOpt gunData.guns.[9] "iw5_skorpion" // Scorpion
gameOpt gunData.guns.[10] "iw5_g18" // G18
gameOpt gunData.guns.[11] "iw5_m4" // M4A1
gameOpt gunData.guns.[12] "iw5_m16" // M16a4
gameOpt gunData.guns.[13] "iw5_scar" // SCAR L
gameOpt gunData.guns.[14] "iw5_cm901" // CM901
gameOpt gunData.guns.[15] "iw5_type95" // TYPE 95
gameOpt gunData.guns.[16] "iw5_g36c" // G36C
gameOpt gunData.guns.[17] "iw5_acr" // ACR 6.8
gameOpt gunData.guns.[18] "iw5_mk14" // MK14
gameOpt gunData.guns.[19] "iw5_ak47" // AK 47
gameOpt gunData.guns.[20] "iw5_fad" // FAD
gameOpt gunData.guns.[21] "iw5_mp5" // MP5
gameOpt gunData.guns.[22] "iw5_ump45" // UMP45
gameOpt gunData.guns.[23] "iw5_pp90m1" // PP90M1
gameOpt gunData.guns.[24] "iw5_p90" // P90
gameOpt gunData.guns.[25] "iw5_m9" // PM-9
gameOpt gunData.guns.[26] "iw5_mp7" // MP7
gameOpt gunData.guns.[27] "iw5_sa80" // L86 LSW
gameOpt gunData.guns.[28] "iw5_mg36" // MG36
gameOpt gunData.guns.[29] "iw5_pecheneg" // PKP Pecheneg
gameOpt gunData.guns.[30] "iw5_mk46" // MK46
gameOpt gunData.guns.[31] "iw5_m60" // M6Oe4
gameOpt gunData.guns.[32] "iw5_barrett" // BARRETT 50c
gameOpt gunData.guns.[33] "iw5_l96a1" // L118A
gameOpt gunData.guns.[34] "iw5_dragunov" // DRAGUNOV
gameOpt gunData.guns.[35] "iw5_as50" // AS50
gameOpt gunData.guns.[36] "iw5_rsass" // RSASS
gameOpt gunData.guns.[37] "iw5_msr" // MSR
gameOpt gunData.guns.[38] "iw5_usas12" // USAS 12
gameOpt gunData.guns.[39] "iw5_ksg" // KSG 12
gameOpt gunData.guns.[40] "iw5_spas12" // SPAS 12
gameOpt gunData.guns.[41] "iw5_aa12" // AA 12
gameOpt gunData.guns.[42] "iw5_striker" // Striker
gameOpt gunData.guns.[43] "iw5_1887" // Model 1887

Changed the gameOpt gunData.numGuns "43" // [ 0-20 ]

But no matter what i do, i cannot get more than the default 18 weapons loading up.
I've seen others ask this question, but nobody has answered that it is possible to get more than 18 weapons loaded.

Now if I go into private match it only show's 18 slots. If i fill them slots in. Save that dsr and use that one, then all the new 18 weapons from that file loads and works.

I've even tried just adding 1 line over the maxium it says of 20, in the original GG_default, then changing the gameOpt gunData.guns.[21] "iw5_ak47" // AK 47

But with just that 1 line added into the original GG_default, it reverts back to the original 20.
Tried stopping the server, adding the file, starting the server, still always shows 1/18 and starts with the deagle.

Can anyone help me? There must be a way to load in more than 1/18 weapons.

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