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Help Changing weapons
I want to change the weapons of the clients, and this is also working, but if they climb on something they loose the weapon. You have to press 1 again to swap back which is really annoying.

I Could fix this with calling the Method SwitchToWeapon. But this method is only implementend it the current unstable version of nukems server addon. So i tried to decompile it to find the function and implement it myself.

[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Size = 0x278), UnsafeValueType, MiscellaneousBits(0x41), DebugInfoInPDB, NativeCppClass]
internal struct Entity_t
unsafe public static class Other_TExtensionMethods
      [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.Unmanaged | MethodImplOptions.PreserveSig, MethodCodeType = MethodCodeType.Native)]
      public static extern void ServerSwitchToWeapon([In] int obj0, [In] int obj1);

    private static unsafe Entity_t* CG;

    public static void SwitchToWeapon(this Other_t other, int WeaponID)
        Other_TExtensionMethods.ServerSwitchToWeapon(*((int*)Other_TExtensionMethods.CG), WeaponID);

actually this is compiling, but the addon will not get loaded then.

My code to swap the weapon is:
this.ServerClient.Other.OffhandWeapon = this.PrimaryWeapon.GetID();
this.ServerClient.Other.CurrentWeapon = this.ServerClient.Other.OffhandWeapon;
//The extension method from above

I hope sombody knows how to implement this function or an other way to avoid that the weapon disapears on climbin.

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