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Help FF Viewer
(04-23-2011, 18:47)zxz0O0 Wrote:
(04-23-2011, 16:42)d0h! Wrote: why do you need ffviewer if you want to hex a file?

1. FF Viewer decrypts/unpacks .ff file
2. Hexedit file
3. FF Viewer encrypts/packs .ff file

@Yamato is it correct that you open first the ff file in FF Viewer. Then you open the extracted file in hex editor and close FF Viewer. In Hex Editor you save your changes and open FF Viewer and open the extracted file. After that you press save in FF Viewer?

What I do is:

1-Open with FF Viewer common_mp.ff(where barrett is)
2-Open the extracted common_mp.ff with Hex Workshop
3-Modify the code
4-Press Save in Hex workshop
5-Press save fastile
6-Get an error while saving(something like: was imposible to find extracted common_mp.ff), open game and see how game crashes.
(04-23-2011, 22:11)Yamato Wrote: blablabla

Ok here is my super tutorial.

1. Open FF Viewer
2. Press Ctrl + O
3. Select the FF file you want and open it
4. Press Windows + E and browse to the folder where the ff file is in
5. Copy the ff file and the other (ex. if it's patch_mp.ff you copy <patch_mp.ff> and <patch_mp-extract.dat>) to your desktop
6. Close FF viewer
7. Open hex editor and open the <xxxxx-extract.dat> file in it.
8. Make your 1337 ultr4 h4x0rz [|-|4|\|635 and press save
9. Close hex editor
10. Open FF Viewer and press [File] >> [Open extracted Fastfile]
11. Open the <xxxxx.ff>, which you copied to the desktop at step 5
12. Open any gsc file in FF Viewer on the left and press Ctrl + S
13. FF Viewer should now save and give the following error "Error opening fastfile: The file <xxxxxx-extract.dat> could not be found.
14. Press OK
15. Copy <xxxxx.ff> from your desktop to your COD folder and overwrite the old (make backup)
16. Enjoy the l33t h4x

Additionally to step 14 you could open the ff file again in ff viewer and hex edit to check if it really made the changes.
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