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Help Checking NVRAM - boot problem
some time ago my home pc broke, it doesn't boot anymore. I was away for some time, but yesterday I started to investigate what is wrong with it.
I quickly noticed it starts to boot normally, but right after it says
Quote:Checking NVRAM...
(those 0's also appear on screen, sometimes it says Checking NVRAM.. update OK! and these 4 0's.)

Right after that, screen flashes and I'm back to the screen where I can choose whether to launch in emergency mode, or last working settings, or launch Windows normally. No matter what I do, it still stops at NVRAM. Today I tried to use emergency DVD, it restored system partition but problem still exists.

I obviously googled a lot, but it seems almost nobody had same problem as me (others had their PCs stuck at checking NVRAM, not going back to the emergency mode screen).

I have opened PC case, removed everything that was connected to motherboard, cleaned it from dust, and reconnected today. I have also replaced CMOS battery (BIOS has been reseted btw), but it didn't help anything.

Does anybody have a clue how to fix this ?
I am thinking about updating BIOS, but from what I've seen it looks quite hard.
I'd also like to add that PC is pretty old, originally it is from 2002, but motherboard and other stuff have been replaced a few times since then.
Motherboard is AsRock P4i65G, http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/P4i65G/

Thanks in advance.
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I'm not an expert on this but have you read this already?

Wikipedia Wrote:The best-known form of NVRAM memory today is flash memory. Some drawbacks to flash memory include the requirement to write it in larger blocks than many computers can automatically address, and the relatively limited longevity of flash memory due to its finite number of write-erase cycles (most consumer flash products at the time of writing can withstand only around 100,000 rewrites before memory begins to deteriorate).

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Dont know anything about this stuff, but I wish you can solve this. Did you have projects on your pc or it was on another pc?
Mobo is fubar, replace the NVRAM (never heard of a consumer doing this successfully) or buy a new Mobo.

To be sure, connect all your hardware to another motherboard, it should work.
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This is video if it helps anything :

If it's really broken, I'd rather replace everything, than buy a new mobo (costs ~$125, but PC would be still slow as hell)

(08-29-2012, 23:15)kokole Wrote: Dont know anything about this stuff, but I wish you can solve this. Did you have projects on your pc or it was on another pc?
No, I have all my stuff on laptop which is used only by me, this PC is used mostly by parents.
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