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Does anyone mod for Fallout / Skyrim?

I've been wanting to get into GECK for Fallout, and have been poking around at it following some video tutorials but would be better if someone could give a crash course or post tutorials.

I'll probably will wait for Christmas sale to pick up Skyrim on PC and poke around with its editor. I have on Xbox but have yet to play it. =o/
Sorry, the only engine I actively modded and still do is the Source Engine.

Also there were some requests several times to add non-CoD games to this site, sometimes I listened to those requests just to see months later that there was still an empty category.
we all knew that this site was quite "exclusive" because we decided to be COD/PC only.
in my opinion its still a good project
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I'd like to check out skyrim, but yea, there are many other forums that are dedicated to modding skyrim so yea, Even if we choose to - for example - go fully skyrim and nothing but skyrim, Itsmods will still die because there are much other (and better, more active, bigger) sites.
Itsmods has its advantage of being the biggest COD modding forum, and now that COD modding won't be possible anymore itsmods will just die, leaving only the active members behind to spam and flame each other.
Well @zxz0O0 was able to made the legit mw3 servers ranked two days ago. Yesterday he spent the day fixing and sharpening it. If he releases it, its mods may become popular again even thought bo2 is coming out. Its an alterntive to 4d1 mw3 a much better alternative
Well, that was of course the worst case scenario, but with Treyarch announcing there won't be any (ded.) servers and nova saying he won't do it I'm am seriously doubting it this time.
We had the server addon last time which wasn't 'real' modding but still pretty close, I think it just ends there.
Full modding > Limited modding > No modding
Why doesnt nova do it? Legal reasons? or he just doesnt care anymore?
He doesn't care anymore since MW3.
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Couldn't Nova just release his modloader source to someone on ItsMods who can make it work with BO2?
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