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Fixed! With English language it works!
even i want to play with 2 Friends a little bit BF3 but in every match the game crashs after 2-5 Minutes! "BF3 exe .........." -.-* Every match! I have the languagefiles right installed and it work for 5 minutes but than the fucking game crashs. I have removed the "TM" in the name.

please help... this sucks :/


Origin > right click battlefield > repare

no file need an redownload or repair!


error: "bf3.exe....." what? post the correct error.....

delete all files except the data folder, then do a repair. also there is no need to remove the TM

"BF3 exe has stopped working" and the tm remove can work! for some people at release the game didnt start and if you removed the tm it worked!
ok i try


Soo.. i tried to repair it but same error. I join a server, choose my class..start running 2 minutes later the game crashs "BF3 exe has stopped working". I updated punkbuster all drivers but nothing work!

Edit: With russian language it works -.- but i dont want play it in russian language i want german or english


i play with the russian version without any problems in english
i had the "bf3 stopped working error" either but it disappeared after 4-5 tries

Yeah, i tried it a few times but the game crashs! :/


Please delete..problem solved


pls tell everyone that might ask the same how you solved the problem. thanks

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