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[FREE Service]Name engraving IN GUN!
Can i have a camo for an ak74u that says l<i.MadMan and has a picture of Jesus ChristAngel

Hi superbomb17,

I would like to take use of your service. Could you please make all guns for me?

Name : ~##HASS##~ DeMenTor &
Name : ~##HASS##~ Got Spunk &
Name : ~##HASS##~ H@RDB@ZZ &
Name : ~##HASS##~ BloodM@n

Gun I prefer you use for it..
Pls make me all Weapons with the names.

Would be very very great if you can do this for me. Thanks for reading.

Hello i would like a Galil, famas, and commando, and an Aug that say l<i.MadMan and i want it to be red white and blue with an american flag thanks!

May i please have one that says "Mod By CLX" on a l9a16, only if you get a chance Smile
Thanks in Advance!

can you make me one with the name TANKTASTIC
[Image: m9ljxv.jpg]

Someome plz fucking lock this thread

(08-06-2011, 19:10)jariz Wrote: Someome plz fucking lock this thread

[Image: m9ljxv.jpg]

Name : Shadowking58
(if you can change the color the text, if not just use the default colors) Text Color: a mix of grey and black, i want that really "dark" feel to it. you'll notice i used light blue, red, and yellow in the reference screenshot, just ignore it, thats not what i want.
Gun: Commando
i'd like it to have an 8-Bit Mario where MP Folding Sight Text is, and put some Anime Characters on the side of the gun and put my name on the back of the gun, i have a screenshot for reference.
[Image: mycustomguntemplateBO.jpg]
there are also 2 other screenshots showing the 2 characters i'd like on the side of the gun, also, is it possible to change the color scheme of the weapon itself? if so, lemme know and i'll think of something for that too, also if this first request is impossible, lemme know that too because i have a backup request.

Attached Files Image(s)

could you make me a famas one

somebody lock
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

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