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[FIX] Mw3 server problems
So I just made a list of what can happen when you run a MW3 server, and a bit of fixes.
1 : Did you portforward the correctly ports on the correctly IP ?
* Your IP can change automaticly, make a static IP for your host pc! (Use google to find out how *
2 : Did you open the ports in your firewall (Or did you turn of your firewall)
3 : Did you place Steam.dll in your servers root folder (If you add it it will be here : mw3server/steam.dll)
4 : If you can't see your own server in the MSL (master server list), go look in the LAN tab.
5 : If you join someone else who is on your server, it is possible that you can't join the server, to join your own server if it's on lan, use the LAN tab to join it.
6 : Be sure you have the server config right : (+set dedicated 2 for internet!)
7 : If your server doesn't load a map type in the console "start_map_rotate"
(A usefull shortcut so you don't have to say start_map_rotate everytime!)
"C:\mw3server\iw5mp_server.exe +start_map_rotate"
8 : Be sure that your iw5mp_server.exe is up to date

9 : Be sure you got the right addon version

10 : If you get the error "Error: default (67): map rotation list is full stopping 16" than your list of maps is full (over 16 maps)

If you have something to add to this topic just say it.
Sources :

Thanks to all people who helped me with fixing the problems.
(And a lot of thanks to @sailormoon about the steam.dll it fixed my MSL (master server list) problem)
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
[Image: hax0r3ez.gif]

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