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Easy Account Manager for MW 2
License & Disclaimer
Easy Account Manager is programmed by BlackDove. Easy Account Manager is to be used at your own risk. BlackDove is not responsible for any undesired consequences encountered through the use of Easy Account Manager.

BlackDoves written consent is required to host Easy Account Manager for download. Easy Account Manager is provided as free software to individual users in private environments. A license is required to use Easy Account Manager in a commercial or community environment, including but not limited to stat tracking websites, gaming clan or league websites, recreational facilities and gaming lounges. To acquire hosting permission or licensing, e-mail BlackDove at TheKernelSpoofer[at]" class="mycode_email

Donations are accepted via PayPal at TheKernelSpoofer[at]" class="mycode_email

About EAM
Easy Account Manager is a solution for importing, exporting and backing up your entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer playing statistics, including unlocks, custom weapon configurations, emblems, challenges, and more! Easy Account Manager is a game enhancement utility, allowing users to save multiplayer game progress, share stats and playing history with others. Easy Account Manager is not a hack or a cheat; as a deployment tool, it offers the same benefits that are accessible to players who have a lot of free time on their hands.
NEW: EAM in Gaming Lounge - December 6, 2009

Ignite Network, a gaming lounge in Chicago, uses EAM's stat dumping feature to provide a display on LCD screens:

[Image: panel1.jpg]
[Image: panel2.jpg]>
[Image: panel3.jpg]
[Image: panel4.jpg]
[Image: screen1.jpg]
[Image: screen2.jpg]
[Image: screen3.jpg]
[Image: screen4.jpg]
[Image: screen5.jpg]
[Image: screen6.jpg]
[Image: screen7.jpg]
[Image: screen8.jpg]

Ignite Network also uses EAM's Automatic Import / Export feature for managing stat data amongst users, independent of Steam.

EAM Licensing opportunities are available for your gaming business.
E-mail BlackDove at thekernelspoofer[at]" class="mycode_email or blackdove[at]" class="mycode_email.

Release Notes - April 14, 2010

* EAM 1.0.25 released. Languages other than English are now supported. EAM includes a Russian language file (credits to xLink for a superb translation). Please refer to the EAMReadMe.pdf file for instructions on how to create and use language files. If you are an excellent translator, please post completed translation files and they will be added to this thread for download.

Release Notes - January 29, 2010

* Delete Steam's Local Player Stats functionality improved. Note that all stat files will now be deleted for all installed Steam accounts. This also fixes a few errors associated with the feature. EAM is now version 1.0.23.
* Because of a recent patch, Steam no longer automatically exports stats to its Steam Cloud at game launch. This means that imported stats of a lesser rank or reset stats (via EAM's Reset Stats or Delete Steam's Local Player Stats button) will not save after the game is restarted. In order to get these stats to save, the game must be given a reason to export stats to the Steam Cloud. To reset and permanently save stats, follow the instructions at the top of page four in EAMReadMe.pdf.


Read the included documentation to answer any questions before posting.

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