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Display your private Lobby to make it public!
Display your private Lobby to make it public!

What is it?
A tool running in the background registering your server on SuperNovaAO´s server so people can join via the lobby ID.

[Image: serverexample.jpg]
[Image: unbenannt2gj.jpg]

How can I connect?
Visit http://www.itshax.com/LobbyTracker

The program asks for a username and password?!
Visit http://www.itshax.com/LobbyTracker/register.php

Thread and more Info here...
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  • [MPGH]House
dont know wy but i cant save it xD tried thousand times Tongue
if you got problems with lobbytracker, disable your antivir and firewall for a sec -> download again and add the tool to the exclusion/white list of your antivir/firewall
When I try and use MW 2 Liberation I get an error saying i need to log in as admin but i am admin on windows 7 and i run as admin still same message. What the hell do I do?
Cool Ill try this.. Thanks
do you need MW2 Liberation donor version or can you do it without donor version?
normal version is enough
Is this for AlterIWnet??

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