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Class Plugin
My suggestion is for someone to make a plugin similar to the Nextmap Plugin made by milchshake...here

Anyways, my idea is for someone to make a plugin that can tell what the next class will be, since IW made the default.dspl have a shitty class rotation. This would work mainly for infected servers.

You could have commands such as !nextclass and it would tell you which dsr will be loaded next and even allow you to set the next dsr, like !setnextclass (name)
could anyone make this?
New Idea: I am not sure if any of you have noticed that infinity ward has SHIT server software..causing a bad class rotation...you would figure default.dspl would play the classes in order but it doesn't. My suggestion is a plugin that can do what I stated above, but maybe also you could set the class order? Let me know if this is possible in any way. thank you
sv_Oldrotation in sv_config ?
(XS4ALL/GoT2DayZ) DayZ Servers (http://got2dayz.nl)
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
whaaa? lol Tongue I got no clue what that is man, im not a coder! I would just really appreciate this plugin and I know a lot of other people would too
this does not have anything to coders or what else , its a command that you can use the cod4 like maprotation.

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