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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [Trailer]

1 hour after leak now on COD YT

imo looks nice, story looks nice, kevin spacey 133333333333337
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This is the first time since MW2 that I'm actually excited for a CoD game, this looks great! Heck, I even skipped the last two games. I've been saying it for such a long time now: CoD has to focus on being the fast-paced action game they ought to be, not a semi-realistic arcade shooter with a few explosions., and now they seem to finally have accepted it.

Edit: Have to throw in an opinion about those who claim this is too similar to crysis and titanfall: Oh please, the main similarity is that it's futuristic and with mech-like suits, it's not as sci-fi movies and novels haven't been doing that for the past decades. Only because we have two mainstream games to use that concept, doesn't mean that the rest aren't allowed to do so. That's like claiming the witcher franchise can't co-exist with the elder scrolls franchise.

Sure, trailers tend to be misleading, but look at the tech for the cinematics. The worst thing that can happen is that we get another CoD game where you don't have to shoot a single time to progress - I'm talking about . At least this time we get to have cool explosions.

(05-02-2014, 12:45)Rendflex Wrote: I'm talking about .

Black Ops was a nice WASD movie.

Any connection with House of Cards? LOL

[Image: House_of_Cards_Season_1_Poster.jpg]

Who plays CoD campaign for gameplay anyway? I see them more as action movies that cure my boredom for 5 hours instead of the normal 1:30/2. The stories are always pretty decent.
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(05-02-2014, 20:00)Pozzuh Wrote: Who plays CoD campaign for gameplay anyway? I see them <text> pretty decent.

I do.
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(05-03-2014, 14:24)SailorMoon Wrote:
(05-02-2014, 20:00)Pozzuh Wrote: Who plays CoD campaign for gameplay anyway? I see them <text> pretty decent.

I do.

You are truly cool? What do you think is special about the gameplay exactly?
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