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Bugs i've encountered
These are some of the bugs i've encountered. I'll update the thread as I play and find out more.

- During the strat time, it doesn't freeze the game time at 2 minutes. It keeps running so once the strat time is over, you're already 1 minute and 52 seconds into the round.

- Sniper Quick Scoping is kind of buggy. You can't really quick scope as accurate as COD4 promod.

- The game never ended :S me and my friend were doing a 1v1 quick scoping in firing range and the score went up to 54-45 until one of us just left.

- You can't change teams.

-Wall Bangs are ridiculous. Me and my friend tested it out, you can shoot through ANYTHING. Literally he was in his spawn and I was in mine and he was getting tags on me. I was in lower C3 room by the offensive spawn, and he was planting the bomb at A. I shot him through the wooden room in C3 through the walls and the white trailer at A and killed him. -- He also went SMG and we tested the wall bangs with it. I was in my spawn and he was mid by the hummer in mid on firing range and was also getting tags on me. Although I think it was doing like 0 damage, I still think with an SMG wall banging from that far you shouldn't even get a tag. The bullet shouldn't even penetrate through the walls lol.

Theres just a few bugs and tweaks, and yeah it's just beta everything can be fixed. Once this is officially finish and release, eekhoorn will be the greatest ever =DDDDD

Thankyou for you feedback. We will update our mod as soon as possible.

I occur some problems with the movement in cmod. Sometime when I do a strafejump around a corner or above a enemy and hit a edge of a wall or an object I just get stucked.

Dont know if you guys can do anything about it but thats stopping my aggressive gameplay a little^^.


AFAIK the movement code hasn't been changed so it would happen on every server.

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