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I wanna try to replicate bounces from cod4 into blackops.

For those that don't know what they are they are shaved objects in cod4, like the corner of a car, and if u jump from a distance on it you bounce up in the air to do a trickshot and stuff.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make some kind of genius formula for jumpheight and invisible coordinate for bounce = bounce like the height depends how height the bounce will be etc..
I also heard that there's tuturials for this in cod5, does anyone know someting?

any help is welcome


This may help you.

I've got some ideas to make this work... Big Grin

EDIT - Just tried and it 'kinda' works. It pushes me foward when I jump on a specific spot but it doesn't lift me up.
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.

I really wanna get this to work, this is someting the whole community misses in BlackOps & Modern Shitware 2.
(12-21-2010, 00:25)Devilmaster666 Wrote: This may help you.

Thanks gonna try now.

I heard about a command wich can disable Bounces, that was on WaW (Cod5). Maybe this command is also in cod6 and 7 but just disabled. When I find it I will post it.
Ok, Icouldn't find that command but the codjumper made a bounce mod for mw2 so it could also be possible in CoD7.

I am not saying that you should look into the code but you could ask the maker of the mod Big Grin

I contacted him, I saw he had a not working almost done version for blackops so he might can help us out,

Also master131 told me bouncing is fucked up in blackops.. hmm

I think it is not possible, because you will die when you try to jump heigh...

you can disable that..

from all people I hear setVelocity is fucked up...

just bounce 1 2 zon schijnt vandaag wandel met me mee bounce!

or create an elevator that moves up very fast when u jump on it an invis cp +q

@ u blind... he shoots cp that moves him up not a location
if you dig true the world... what comes up first your feet or your head ;qq


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