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Biggest bug yet
Video or me no believe (lies I do believe since it's IW but still VIDEO)
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]

I think the biggest bug is those killstreaks. When I try to call a uav it brings out a phone clicks the button and keeps pressing on the button, doesnt call my uav. Or when I throw my care package marker, it disappears. I still have the care package in my killstreaks but marker disappears from my hand. After changing the weapon a few times you can call them but most of time I die while trying to call those killstreaks.

The biggest bug is the stupid XP glitch ofc
I mean, it's just 1 dvar

This sh*t happened to me too ! I bet that infinity ward want ONLY ur money ! (trolol) Smile

dont flame @IW ... Fuu
...they made cod4 : P
[Image: ctoc.jpg]

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