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I swear, this is a true story of what happened to me today.

I was playing survival mode with my real life friend, we started playing on resistance it lagged for a second then got to a point where he said, look at my grenade launcher sentry, I asked where he said near the door, I looked there and said cant find it and moved on.
Suddenly he shouted stop dieing its like the second time already and I never died, then I said your the one down not me. Then he kept saying dude get me up already 40 seconds, and I said I already got you up like 10 minutes ago and your not down now. After that I noticed all he did was shoot at the walls and at the ground.
After a while he said, see now we lost and I responded none of us are down then he said I'm restarting it took me out of my game and restarted, we were back together. It lagged again and same thing happened.
We thought it was the map so switched to village, after a while the game lagged again and I saw him shooting at the floor again.

[Image: conclusion.jpg]
Summarize: Infinity Ward decided to split us into 2 games with shit AI friends.

A version for 4fun: OMA OMA noob OMA

Anybody that doesen't believe me I got some screenshots and I can play again with him and film it....
[Image: ZeAXR.jpg]
ontopic: IW sucks balls
@AZUMIKKEL read the short version he wrote for me, it makes it all clear.

P.S. I R 1337 OMA
(11-14-2011, 20:18)jariz Wrote: [ -> ][Image: ZeAXR.jpg]
ontopic: IW sucks balls

Learn to search for a summarize, Noob
also @NeckTop It's a joke, Don't take it seriously
I actually read this shit, now I feel like the cat @JariZ posted :[

If IW/SG are like @SE7EN then they will fix this bug tomorrow.
So don't worry!

Serious ontopic:
Happened me some times, nothing to care about.
While trying out MW2 spec ops in campaign mode, and just the host have the new scripts, then the other player wont be "listening to the scripts" if you know what I mean.
The conclusion picture made me lol so hard
Sorry for trolling you @NeckTop Sad
It's really dumb you cant enjoy survival mode like that :|
Also I'm holding the non hacked itsmods record for Stay Sharp because @d0h said so
Also @JariZ I'm really bored so i searched for a summarize conclusion or somethin lol not related to you Wink
Oh @JariZ why did you remove that D:

I like ze flamevars.

Edit: Me gusta.
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