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Bad words in Russian
Hello, please get the plugin to create one that would be kicked players talking in chat bad words in Russian .ya know that there is a plug-in but it kicks players talking bad words in the English language, and to have kicked a Russian. Example хуй
What the fck, ask on russians forums instead and don't write bad words there.
BadWords plugin has txt/ini files with thoose words, just edit this.
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хуй Big Grin
[Image: veovuq.png]
хуёвина Big Grin
1. just use an english bad word plugin and change the words?
2. you would kick a lot of russians if you use a bad-word kicker Wink
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  • Yamato
I guess the encoding fails?
Has he even tried the existing badwords plugin?
the fact is that I have written to the file "badwords" folder serveradmin plug Serveradmin.dll bad Russian words instead of English, and the plugin is not kicking Russian players for bad Russian words plugin kicks only English bad words, but that would be kicked for Russian bad words version 1.204 version of the game add-M3 W5M p23, problem and the B3 and MAM does not kick for Russian bad words.
Please create one plug-kick for Russian bad words.
(10-11-2012, 22:21)JariZ Wrote: I guess the encoding fails?

I second that
Besides him using an outdated version of the addon, and me getting tired of removing post from people that are, It'd probably be a good idea for the creator of the badwords plugin to add UTF-8 encoding or something
Please create one plugin that would kicking players who say bad words in Russian.Please

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