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Bad words in Russian
@JariZ how do i do that? Adding UTF-8 Encoding to a plugin?
Use this:

  1. if (Message.Contains("хуй") )
  2. {
  3. iPrintLnBold("^7Игрок ^3" + Client.Name + " ^7исключён за оскорбления!", null);
  4. ServerCommand(string.Concat(new object[]
  5. {
  6. "dropclient ",
  7. Client.ClientNum,
  8. " \"",
  9. "Вы исключены за оскорбления! Не ругайтесь на сервере!",
  10. "\""
  11. }));
  13. return ChatType.ChatNone;
  14. }
ServerCommand(string.Concat(new object[]
code leeching fail Troll
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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  • Yamato
(10-12-2012, 11:45)Lightspeed Wrote:
ServerCommand(string.Concat(new object[]
code leeching fail Troll


ServerCommand("dropclient " + clientNum + " \"Вы исключены за оскорбления! Не ругайтесь на сервере!\"");

You happy?
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  • JariZ
the problem is not the language to say the console, but that will be a plug-in to kick players for bad Russian word? create one if you have a plug-in? please
That really doesn't make anything clear
I hope this will help you ....

//////Dedicated server addon enabled//////
////Created by Nukem | http://www.itsmods.com////
////CoD8HMod | http://www.cod6hmod.itshax.com////

Version 1.204
Permission plugin loaded. Author: Pozzuh. Version 1.0 Beta
Max Ping Plugin (v1.7) By master131 loaded. (Updated to V1.7 by Gravzy)

ProMod 1.4 Plugin loaded
Author: zxz0O0
Thanks to Nukem, Jariz, Pozzuh


ohai. Rules v2 loaded
Bonemind's ingame RCON v0.7.0 BETA loaded
You have an error in the aliases file, ignoring line:!fr = !fastrestart
You have an error in the aliases file, ignoring line:!highestping = !maxping
[Teambalancer] (2.2) By Pieter (thanks to:JariZ,zxz0O0,Nukem,Cyanide)
[Teambalancer] Visit http://www.itsmods.com for more great mods/plugins for your MW3 Server!
[Teambalancer] Checks and fixes teambalance every 3 minutes for appropriate gametypes

Welcome to IW5M r21.
http://fourdeltaone.net/ for help and support Smile
Connecting to online services....
Connected to online services.
Executing server config "server.cfg"
Succeeded reading from default.dspl
Loaded 16 map entries
Loading DSR "esl_mr12.dsr"...
Loading Succeeded for DSR "esl_mr12.dsr"
Spawning map: mp_burn_ss, gametype sd
Initializing Steam Game Server: game port 27020, auth port 8766, query port 27021, gamedir modernwarfare3, version
Steam Game Server initialized as Internet Server.
Steam Master Servers found (1). Server will be Internet Server listed.
[ScriptLoader::LoadScript] Loading script GameLog
Spawn map (mp_burn_ss, sd) complete.
console: Manu-Admin-Mod is now watching the server
console: Manu-Admin-Mod мониторинг активен
console: Список доступных команд - напиши в чате !cmdlist либо !Help
[ScriptLoader::LoadScript] Loading script GameLog
Steklovata: !next
console: Loading next map
console: Загрузка следующей карты
USAGE: say <string>
Steklovata: !next
console: Loading next map
console: Загрузка следующей карты
console: (b3): http://www.bigbrotherbot.net (b3) v1.8.2 [nt] [Seda] [ONLINE]
console: (b3): XLRstats v. 2.7.1 by Tim ter Laak / Mark Weirath started.
[ScriptLoader::LoadScript] Loading script GameLog
console: (b3): News: [RELEASE] B3 v1.8.2 (Seda) - BF3 R24 update
All is simple, it is necessary to change the coding 1251 on utf8 in a file badwords
And all will work)
(10-12-2012, 08:23)JariZ Wrote: Besides him using an outdated version of the addon, and me getting tired of removing post from people that are, It'd probably be a good idea for the creator of the badwords plugin to add UTF-8 encoding or something

Since when is using an outdated version disallowed? Who are you to make such rules?
[Image: azuw.jpg]
(10-11-2012, 19:04)[Z00MBY] Alex Wrote: хуёвина Big Grin
Пиздец ты тоже русский что лиBig Grin

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