Full Version: prefix doesnt work with shop
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So i tried to make a prefix plugin thing and i put this code onplayersay
  1. if (Client.XUID == "MY XUID")
  2. {
  3. ServerSay("^1[Staff] ^5" + Client.Name + ": ^8" + Message, true);
  4. return ChatType.ChatNone; // This is so that the message doesnt pop up twice
  6. }
thats in Main.cs in a project where i have alot of other .cs files
i use sailormoons shop plugin and when i type !points it doesnt work but when other people without the prefix type it, it works. The thing is i have administratorcommands.cs with !noclip etc. and that works, help? (Srry for bad grammar)

the return ChatType.ChatNone; is what is casuing the problem, i tried removing it and it works, but what i find strange is that other commands such as !noclip works. Any way i can fix this but still have my prefix without message showing twice?
if (Client.XUID == "MY XUID" && !Message.StartsWith("!"))

That should fix it
Trying that out now, thanks
EDIT: It works thanks ^^