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Music that is great for parties

Let the suggestions roll

Edit: I meant music that is great for parties or simply pretty powerful and doesn't sound crap
@SirGravzy It'd have to be a really weird party of that music was played...
Everyone on this site is high.
well sometimes it is
(02-26-2013, 12:40)SirGravzy Wrote: [ -> ]I have an image in my head of @surtek just sat at a party moaning that the music is too high in the corner...

What a coincidence, I went on vacation to England 2 months ago and I saw a guy at a party in a corner. His name was Kieran and he was tripping very hard.

He was looking like this:
[Image: jq7eh.png]
Because it's weird to party with people older than yourself
i would like to see a party with epic music while there is explosions everywhere and helicopters exploding and guns and grenades and gorilla warfare and motorcycles xD
(02-26-2013, 09:59)SirGravzy Wrote: [ -> ]Depends what parties you are talking about but meh, id dance to this;

Or, for JariZ

Suitable music for tranny orgies LOL
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