Full Version: Bloody Good Time released for PC
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[Image: ss3ba0cf89050f3d65712b6.jpg]

Quote:After a delay of a couple of days, Bloody Good Time is now available for PC owners to purchase and download via Steam. The Source Engine-based multiplayer shooter with B-movie characters trying to kill each other on a Hollywood movie set, is normally priced at the already low $4.99 but until November 2 you can get the game on Steam for $4.49.

The game is published by Ubisoft but aside from a press announcement last August the company has done little to promote the game before today. The title was developed by UK-based Outerlight but as we exclusively reported earlier this month the developer is all but shut down at the moment. Co-founder Chris Peck told us at the time that he is "working unpaid in the hope to recoup some royalties from the game."
Ah, Outerlight is not dead and they were right about developing a "sequel" to the Ship 2. Well, this isn't Ship 2 but for < EUR5 it looks like fun.

looks like fun
So, you buy it?
yeh but it seems that steam got some problems..

Quote:An unexpected error has occurred. Your purchase has not been completed.
Please contact Steam Support.
I just realize something. In the winter of 2008 there were rumors about a game called Hollywood Murder Party.
That is this game, but seriously, I thought it would never come since Outerlight is technically bankrupt since March or April this year (no salary has been paid since then and the only employee who is since then unpaid was the co-founder).

Explains the low price of EUR4.50.
Probably just needs a lot of people to think: ah let's buy this so he can get something to eat again.

Even their domain is on sale for $500.00
Looks sort of like tf2
Same engine and same non-realistic design.

Whereas TF2 textures (except for the models) are completely hand-drawn I don't think that is the case here. Not sure though.
Looks ok I guess but I would not get it
This game any good?
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