Full Version: Modern Warfare 3 Fast File Sounds
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Hey guys, basically what this is are all the sounds found in all the fastfiles (.ff files) found in Modern Warfare 3, including MP, SP and all DLC maps. They were originally headerless, but each WAV file entry in the fastfile is prefixed with a struct containing sample rate, data size and channels so I used them to reconstruct valid WAV files that can be used for anyone interested.

All weapon sounds (in the weapons folder) and reload sounds (in the foley folder) are present, as well as some other interesting stuff too, like AC130, explosions, footsteps and UI sounds. Some sounds might be missing though.

I've uploaded the files onto Google Drive since the archive is quite big. Credits to Pepper at XeNTaX for pointing out that they were encoded using 16-bit signed PCM.

Disclaimer: These sounds were extracted from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by master131 and remains the intellectual property of Infinity Ward, Activison and other affiliates. I am not responsible for what you do with these files.

[Image: 34y68uu.png]

Download (818MB):
Epic, +rep!

Thanks Barata...
Great job, master131.
Nice work. Now extract the black ops 2 files Happy cry
(11-13-2012, 08:16)Pozzuh Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work. Now extract the black ops 2 files Happy cry

That'd be when I get the game, which is tomorrow.