Full Version: Custom Controllable sentry
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basicaly this allows you to spawn a sentry gun that shoots custom ammo

heres a example of a way to use it

self thread spawn_speacialT(Fort1, "m60_mp", self.origin);

spawn_speacialT(name, weapon, pos)
    level.miniGun[name] = spawnTurret( "auto_turret", pos, "auto_gun_turret_mp" );
        level.miniGun[name] setModel(level.auto_turret_settings["sentry"].modelBase);
        level.miniGun[name] SetTurretType("sentry");
        level.miniGun[name].angles = self.angles;
    level thread checkitT(level.miniGun[name], weapon, self getTagOrigin("tag_eye"));

checkitT(name, weapon, pos)
        if( name IsFiringTurret() )
            end = self vector_multiply(anglestoforward(name.angles),1000000);
                Crosshair = BulletTrace( pos, end, true, self )[ "position" ];
            MagicBullet( weapon, pos,  Crosshair);