Full Version: hired help to incorporate dice weapons into bots mod
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Sorry, didnt mean to post wrong section. Im done.
Why not make one thread with your request? This thread is in wrong section , this section is for roll suggestions. If I was a moderator, I'd merge this thread into this

Ontopic: 1.) Dice is developer team, and they don't have any guns. I guess you were talking about RollTheDice mod.
2.) Incorporate? Maybe add?
3.) What do you mean by RTD weapons? To add each ROLL into your mod or to add special weapons like Ray Gun, Mosin Nagant, etc to your mod? Also, in your request you said "some of the weapons". What weapons exactly do you want?
Dis regard then. Sorry for posting in wrong section.
too bad i missed that while i wasnt at home.

@Maui feel free to ask for help but spend a bit more time and wait for a reply instead of creating two almost identical threads.

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