Full Version: Server Hardcore Problem
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How can i fix the Problem?
The Problem can you see here:
(I don't use Hardcore Mode!!!)
[Image: servererror.png]
You use g_hardcore dvar? Set it to 0,
Or try cg_draw2d 0

If no plugins:
Try to delete config_mp.cfg??!
It should help.
In a .dsr ? .dspl ? or .cfg?
(08-15-2012, 18:01)Krusty123 Wrote: [ -> ]In a .dsr ? .dspl ? or .cfg?

OH yea its can be also dsr
try to delete .cfg file, and open .dsr(dspl), look for g_hardcore var, change to 0
ok thanks Cool
I can't find
(08-15-2012, 19:32)JayDi Wrote: [ -> ]g_hardcore

Still no fix!