Full Version: Easier IWI work by kokole
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So this guys is just a tool which makes easier iwi editing (not the process itself, but you will see what I mean now)

Features of this program:

- Can search any IWI in just seconds, open program, and use the text box with autocompletion like google!

- Can say in what IWD is the IWI you just wrote!

- Can extract the IWI you wrote in the text box to your current directory!

- Can replace the current texture with up to 5 colors! (This is for example if you want to find some texture of a wall for example, you search wall in my text box but you dont know if thats the texture or not, then just use the color you want to see if thats the texture you search!)

- And of course there is a backup system, so when you replace with color it creates a backup. It also has a restore backup button to automatically restore the IWI's the program backuped!

You feel a little bit confused? See the screenshot of the program itself:

[Image: VdPm1.png]

Like it? Why you dont download it and test it by yourself? Cool

Note: Obviously if you're not a texture modder then you wont need this.
Note 2: You need to extract it to a folder before running to avoid errors.
Note 3: If you have any suggestions feel free to talk about ideas!
Note 4: You can disable texture shadowing if the texture has a _nml verison, you need to replace it with gray.


- @kokole - Code and more
- @House - Colored textures stuff
- @TwoPumpChump - IWI header stuff
- @master131 - IWI header stuff
- @JayDi - Helping me to test


Version 2.0:

- Optimized error handling

Version 1.0:

- Initial release

Virus Scan: Virus Scan
good job


nps Smile

other then that great job i like the autoreplace idea well done man
(07-24-2012, 08:46)rotceh_dnih Wrote: [ -> ]Credits:


nps Smile

other then that great job i like the autoreplace idea well done man

hmm? credits? I figured all out by myself Awesome
if I forgot someone is house lol, gonna add now, and thx
Edit: if you think this is the program which i said that will do in the big show what you are working on thread then it is not because i failed at modifying iwi header, well fuck it i will add them Big Grin
Thanks! nice work Big Grin
Im glad you made it!

Testing stuff Happy cry

Good job!

Thanks Barata...