Full Version: Hitmark color?
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Is it possible to change the hitmarker color in BO? If it is, what's the dvar for it?
I don't have crosshairs enabled but the hitmark still shows up properly.

I tried this:
setDvar("cg_crosshairEnemyColor", 1, 0, 0);

and then ran out of ideas Dumb Bitch

(That didn't even change the crosshair color though, after I enabled them :p)
It's a shader in one of the gscs.

That dvar changes the crosshair color when aiming at an enemy (normally red).
Ah alright. Any advice on how I could get about finding that shader?


I think I found it! Thanks a ton dude.

        level waittill("connecting", player);

        player.hud_damagefeedback = newClientHudElem(player);
        player.hud_damagefeedback.horzAlign = "center";
        player.hud_damagefeedback.vertAlign = "middle";
        player.hud_damagefeedback.x = -12;
        player.hud_damagefeedback.y = -12;
        player.hud_damagefeedback.alpha = 0;
        player.hud_damagefeedback.archived = true;
        player.hud_damagefeedback setShader("damage_feedback", 24, 48);
        player.hitSoundTracker = true;