Full Version: Easy Background Changer for MW3 V3.0
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[Image: wYiUzl.jpg]

[Image: 9USV8l.jpg]

With this tool you can can change your Modern Warfare 3 background easily:

Because making a custom background is hard, i've made this tool! Cant be more easy! Just select any picture (jpg for example) and then select if you want it as first background or second. Then click OK and done! Enjoy your new Modern Warfare 3 background!

[Image: L7PBA.jpg]


Version 3.0:
- Now if the program fails to find where is MW3, the user will must indicate it (Support for pirated copies)
- Now instead of crashing without reason, the program will show a message with the info about the error
- Added extension filter to the file browser
- Major crash and bug fixes
- Code optimized
- "Info" button added

Version 2.5:
- Cool GUI thanks to @JariZ !

Version 2.0 Beta:
- Install as both backgrounds option added
- Add brightness option added
- Restore original MW3 backgrounds option added

Version 1.0:
- Inital Release


- .NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile
- At least Windows Vista (not tested on Windows XP)


- @kokole Making the program
- @JariZ For making a cool GUI! Smile
- The makers of nvdxt.exe

- Download:

If you want to remove the annoying smoke from the background, go here:
Very good release i see your are a release machine! :LOL:

Thanks Barata...
(02-17-2012, 21:18)barata Wrote: [ -> ]Very good release i see your are a release machine! :LOL:

Thanks Barata...

thanks Big Grin
(02-17-2012, 21:25)JariZ Wrote: [ -> ]Can i haz ze codez for V2 ?

steam no work :\
(02-17-2012, 21:29)JariZ Wrote: [ -> ]steam no work :\

steam works 100%
Confirmed working! one of the best tools i've seen being released here in a while
[Image: F0749E427134D838A67BE8FDDFEEBF43D5C067B0]
You forgot OMA bag in credits
its not working
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