Full Version: Modding Terraria
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For those of you that don't know Terraria, it's essentially Minecraft in 2d. But with a shit ton of more features. It has been sold over a million times and the game is moddable. And it recently got the biggest free update from this gaming generation (Activision would make you pay 30$ for the update). The game is available here.
1.1 trailer:

Now to the tutorial, it's pretty easy actually.
We are going to mod the dedicated server files. (The original server files are available here: ) I'm not going to cover modding the client since it's not allowed and possibly illegal (I'm not sure).

Terraria is a C# XNA game, this means that you must have Microsoft visual c# and the XNA Framework installed.

Normally you would now decompile the server.exe and fix the 90+ errors that come with it, but luckily, I've done that for you. Download the attached file.

Open the project file and you're good to go! Edit some files and press F5 to build.

Good luck!

Protip: Try to keep as much out of the stock files as you can, since when there is an update you need to do everything over. And if you do edit stock files add something like //TAG so you can ctrl+f TAG to copy everything easily when there is an update.

Edit: Updated to Terraria 1.1.2.
nice man
Thank you soooo much -
Thank you, but this is only the server.
Where I can get the decompiled client?

You'll have to decompile and fix that yourself. It's illegal to spread the game's .exe / decompiled .exe.
Okay, thank you.