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You have just woken up to arrive to the new lands after traveling across the seas for several months. There are people all around trying to survive; all trying to become the master class and take control.

You find yourself thinking of a way to get a group of people together to survive and become the master class. The other groups don't seem to appreciate your attempt at becoming the master class, so you decide you need to build a castle. Some of the other groups decide to join up with you to help defend you...

You realise the other groups all have allied, you are beginning to think there is going to be a war. The others have been getting armor and swords...

After some thought has been given, you realise that the war is near and you begin to craft armor and materials for your allies and you.

The war has begun, you and your allies are now attacking the enemies...

All hell has been released...

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Ethical (Do not be Racist)
  • Use Common Sense
  • No Fly hacking
  • No Xraying
  • No Speed Hacking
  • No advertising other servers
  • Post your IGN For $1000!
  • Do NOT ask to be promoted
  • No Faction Jumping
  • No Spawn Killing
  • No Fake Accounts

  • Explorer
  • Citizen
  • Veteran
  • Moderator
  • Admin
  • HeadAdmin
  • CoOwner
  • Owner

  • iConomy
  • CreativeGates
  • MobArena
  • NoCheat
  • DwarfForge
  • Lockette
  • ChestShops
  • GoldFall
  • AuthMe
  • HeroicDeath
  • mcMMO

[size=12]Any ban discussions, plugin suggestions or complaints must be done on the forums, not on this thread or in-game.

Quote:Server IP/TeamSpeak IP:

[Image: original.png]
[Image: 6802_1.png]

If you enjoyed the server please look into donating to us.
Via paypal, you will receive special features, and Support the server to upgrade its parts!

Whitelist Application:

* Minecraft In Game Name:
* What will you add to the pvping :
* How did you find our server:
* Are you planning on being active:

Great Server! Big Grin

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necessary to re-quote the whole post? no!
(12-04-2011, 23:28)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]necessary to re-quote the whole post? no!

IKR? I told him that he shouldn't of done that! LOL

(12-04-2011, 23:49)Stuffing Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-04-2011, 23:28)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]necessary to re-quote the whole post? no!

IKR? I told him that he shouldn't of done that! LOL


*cough* lies *cough*
*sigh* Troll

sooo where are all the MC fans here...gogogogo
Updated post so people can post here to do the Application..
wheres this server located?
(12-10-2011, 09:36)No One Wrote: [ -> ]wheres this server located?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, It is based in the U.S
What do you mean with this: No Fake Accounts?

Is the Online Mode on false?

You aren't using the best plugins. Y U NO
Why Authme?
Is it fbecause of the Online Mode: false?