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File is clean
Can return a false AV Positive! File = Clean!

Quote:Trainer for this game updated.
2 new options added and one option fixed.
Well trainer is fixed/updated and available now. Smile

Options Are:

F12 - Trainer Activation.
This will activate the Trainer!

F1 - Super Health.
F2 - Infinite Ammo.
F3 - No Reload.
F4 - Infinite Granades.
F5 - Super Accuracy.
F6 - Rappid Fire & Rappid Grandes.
F7 - Super Speed.
F8 - Super Jump.
F9 - Super Jump Boosted.
F10 - Speed Warp.
F11 - Remove Death State.
Number 0 - Bullet Time.

Numpad 0 - Store Location.
Numpad 2 - Teleport.
Numpad 3 - Undo Teleportion.

Have fun and enjoy!


YES! First working Mw3 Trainer!! THX d0h!
And THX LinGon For making this trainer
Dont work for me Sad
(11-13-2011, 22:42)col-gate Wrote: [ -> ]Dont work for me Sad

read how to start it, helps...
it may be sound noobiesh but ill ask anyway, what is CoD:MW3 Trainer and what you can do with it, and if i can get banned for use it, thanks !
A trainer is a application which enables you to use certain cheats when you hit a hotkey.
AFAIK you can't get banned for it because it's not multiplayer (i've used all kinds of trainers on my black ops zombie's SP)

@d0h! does this work on survival solo?
(i'm to lazy to test it)
should work since offsets are same
try it and confirm, thanks
it seems I having trouble downloading this? care to upload somewhere else? thanks.
(Off Topic)
Sorry, but i've been searching how to level up Spec Ops really fast (PC) or does anyone have save file Spec Ops level or something like that? (sorry Confused)
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