Full Version: Show your awesome wallpaper V2
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(11-12-2011, 10:20)OrangePL Wrote: [ -> ]@Pozzuh serwer is polish word for server

grammar nazi fail
That's not grammer. Grammer nazi nazi fail.
@demyxx sweet Awesome
School PC

[Image: a82c7070.png]
I think I have to clean up my wallpaper(desktop)...

your desktop*
isn't your wallpaper from alienware?
I try to keep everything organized,
lol 4MB pic:

[Image: unledixp.png]
MSI Afterburner ftw!
(11-12-2011, 17:37)jariz Wrote: [ -> ]@demyxx sweet Awesome

I made two alienware themes:
1st changes the scull's eyes to colours I choose (it really rocks and it took only 15 minutes to finish with all the colours I wanted on photoshop)
2nd contains cool different alienware wallpapers
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