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I released my MP5 Silenced there.
Custom Model: Yes
Custom Animations: Yes
Custom Sound: No
Camos: No
Attachments: Soon, Reflex etc
CoD4 Style "Walking" (Sway and other things): Yes, Ofcourse!

Se7en - Importing / Fixing / Remaking.
CoD4MW - Model, Animations.

[Image: o366942011-09-16_00011l8.jpg]
[Image: l539922011-09-16_00014w8.jpg]
[Image: l403492011-09-16_00017h8.jpg]

Files ready to compile. You must precache and use it :3
no pic? video?
(09-16-2011, 19:12)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: [ -> ]no pic? video?

Its the cod4 mp5 silenced
ah wait
It doesn't even have a worldmodel failure kid
Not really useful IMO. Everyone can do this already because of your tutorial Smile
Why is the MP5 a Spas?
He have non silenced
(09-16-2011, 19:16)Romuald27 Wrote: [ -> ]This mp5 has made by crAyon ? ...


Xmodel exporter made them actually
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