Full Version: Y U NO CONTEST?
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Quote:We currently have 20,564 members registered.
18600 people never posted something :o
i honestly have no fkin idea what kind of contest Sad
at least when mw3 comes out! guaranteed Troll

Award goes to the best header for
Best wallpaper?
Best mod developed in 48 hours with a specific theme? (do this on a weekend if anything)
i am trying to find an idea since we reached the 20k.
everyone can post here and perhaps a brilliant idea appears.

example: rebuilding star wars map from previous cod, a mod with improvement model implementations
haha that would be awesome
but we have no map tools..
of course not 1:1 copy but at least a mod with new buildings. its possible, same way as...
I also need ideas for mods, Undecided
Highest ranked server, best signature, coolest nickname, sourest member?

Gift mw3 to winner.
Coolest nickname?

Considering I have 10+ impostors, I take the cake.
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