Full Version: [FIXED]New codes needed?
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Here you see my mod.csv, these codes workt fine when i wanted to add those files to the .FF file when building the mod
[Image: modcsv.png]

but after the patch, the same codes caused this
[Image: errorswtf.png]

anybody knows how to fix?
Why does your launcher have an awesome green blops logo and mine doesn't?
You suck.

edit: We all suck. I don't have it either.
I have green icon ..
I have OMA icon
lol guys stay ontopic please xP
any idea how to fix?
@Pozzuh its from an update
try to rename your mod folder
like mp_AW23
(08-23-2011, 13:27)Se7en Wrote: [ -> ]try to rename your mod folder
like mp_AW23

omfg that actually worked!!, wtf?
lol Nyan Cat
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