Full Version: How can I fix this error?
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Every time wehen i run a mod i get this error:

[Image: errorwv.jpg]

How can I fix this?

MFG Maxi017

*Edit: Hope you can see the image now*

*Sorry for my bad English. I am from German*
Can't see the image.
(08-20-2011, 18:00)DWM|Gdawg Wrote: [ -> ]Can't see the image.

It's an error.
Hope you can see the error now Wink
Can nobody help meSad?

I have deinstalled Black ops and installd it again but the error is still there. I canĀ“t run every mod or create my own one.
omg guys, you still dont know how to use imageshack?
if you upload a pic then click on it when its done. a new site gets loaded where you see the image bigger but still not fullscreen and with some options from imageshack, right click on the pic and select "show image". a new site gets loaded and you see the image that you uploaded in fullscreen, copy paste the url and put that in your post.

in his example:
he put that link into the post:
now right click on the pic and select "show image"
now put the 2nd link into img tags and it can be displayed in your comment