Full Version: Forcing a specific mod folder
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It's really easy.
Just put this script somewhere in your init()
if(tolower(getdvar("fs_game")) != "mods/mp_modname") //the mod name you need to put here should always be lower case
    iprintlnbold("Wrong mod folder name, it should be: mp_MODNAME");
    iprintlnbold("Change the mod name or you won't be able to play.");
    wait 5;

This will prevent people from having to redownload the mod every time they join another server, because admins are not free to change the mod folder name anymore.

If you use this give me, Pozzuh, credits.
Will AssertMsg(" "); work ?
AFAIK it does not.
nice pussuh OMA
OMA Heart this.
This is from AVP cod4 mod ..
(08-09-2011, 12:22)Se7en Wrote: [ -> ]This is from AVP cod4 mod ..

Nope, it's just a well known dvar :p
Ok, Nyan Cat
nice find, thanks
(08-09-2011, 12:22)Se7en Wrote: [ -> ]This is from AVP cod4 mod ..

This is originally found by Novemberdobby, INSANE (maker of AVP) asked how Dobby did this and in response Dobby made a 'tutorial' on his forum (wich is now down) explaining this
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