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.xa| bolts only! | pub server running mod, copy and paste into console to connect



This is a bolt rifle only mod for Black Ops which includes guns from Black Ops and World at War.  It was made for competition but has the ability to run in match or pulic mode.  The difference between match and public mode is only the ready up period, in public it is disabled.  To run the server in match mode you must set a server password ( g_password "scrim" ), to run the server in public mode you must not set the server password ( g_password "" ).  There is one server.cfg included, feel free to edit it to suit your needs, currently the config is set up to match the TWL ( ) ruleset for both CTF and SD barebones leagues.  The only gametypes supported fully in this mod are SD, CTF, and TDM.

Main Features
- Removes all weapons and gives the player a choice of 3 bolt rifles, the Kar98k, the Mosin-Nagant, and the Arisaka.  The player also spawns with one Willy-Pete and a knife.
- Damage for each rifle is just about the same, every hit except for feet and hand should be a kill.
- Knife damage has been lowered, it now requires 2 hits to kill, the main purpose of the knife in this mod is to break windows.
- Custom menu implemented to replace default weapon menu, allows for bolt rifle selection.
- All perks except for Ghost Pro and Hardened have been disabled.
- Killstreaks disabled.
- Ambience and FX in all maps have been removed, no train sound on WMD, no rocket launch on Launch, no sound for doors on Radiation, etc.  This makes all maps much quieter and improves visibilty.
- Various other tweaks done to improve performance on maps including disabling fog.
- Sounds made while prone, crouched or ADS have been removed, if player is not on the ground this is disabled, this is to prevent people from falling while crouched and not making noise when they land.
- Various changes to UI, some graphic elements have been removed including faction icons and compass, other things have had their positions changed, most notably the time and bomt timer, both located at the center top of the screen.
- Team names changed to Attack and Defense, all indications of default game factions have been removed.
- Players alive counter has been added at the bottom of the screen to show players how many players are still alive during a round.
- Strat timer added at start of each round for SD and CTF.
- Ready up period added.
- Briefcase removed while planting bomb in SD to allow for a better field of vision while planting, sound has been modified as well.
- Weapon switch time increased to be similar to the weapon switch time in cod2.

Change Log
- no sway/bob fixed.
- removed some dvars that were not being used.
- removed a few script files that were not being used, should make the .ff file a bit smaller.
- vote dvar added to server.cfg.
- there is no longer two versions of the mod, ready up period only works when a password is set on the server ( match mode requires password to be set, public mode requires no password ).
- map objectives fully disabled in ready up period ( flags and bombs ).
- weapon ammo increased.

- weapon switch time increased.
- some hud elements set to hide while in menus.
- fixed bug where sometimes when a player selects a weapon in the ready up state they are spawned with no primary weapon.
- mod only includes one server.cfg now, users must modify to suit their needs.

- Elmopio for his help with importing weapon from WaW and various other things.
- Koil for releasing his mod with script files, they were a very useful reference.
- The original scripter of the ready up code and strat timer, I've seen a few mods using the same code but I'm not sure who originally wrote it.
- Anyone at who answered any my questions including Virus, Koil, Scripts18, Jariz, Deadcrayon, Doh!, iAegle, Rotceh_dnih, and Nukem.  Thank you for answering my questions and supplying the community with various tutorials.
- Various xa and !btfu! members for testing the mod for me.

The above was taken from the readme.txt contained inside the mod folder. I've been working on this mod off and on for the past couple months and believe it's finally time to release it. The main purpose of the mod was to provide TWL with a mod for their rifle only ladder, while making the mod competition ready I have also made it so those who wish to just use it for fun on their own servers can do so without having to deal with the ready up period.

If I missed anyone in the credits I apologize, I think I got everyone though. If anyone would like the full mod with script files please contact me I will be glad to send them your way. If anyone runs into any major issues or bugs with the mod please post here or contact me through email or through steam.

Also, I won't make any promises right now but if you want to request a feature be added feel free to do so, if I have the time I might add to this but seeing as Black Ops is pretty much dead, I don't see the point in putting much more time into it. It doesn't hurt to ask though Smile.


Steam id: 03pi
Good work! And nice edited thread! Thanks!
FINALLY pi, sheesh. It took you long enough!

marry me <3
looks very professional and fun to play
Best mod ever.
Dude awesome job on the mod this is virus let me know when u do scrims me and you can dominate people Smile see you in the server bro
Port more weapons if you can, OMA
Springfield would be cool, and some from COD2 maybe?? Big Grin
good job ill try it out later Big Grin
Thnx for adding me in the credits,
Also looks really sweet, gonna play the server for sure Smile
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