Full Version: number1's and supernova's full convosation
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this is their full convo number1 forward it to me

Number1: come on y dont u ban 4fun look how many accounts he has reporting spam post isnt tht bad and that other account was to look at the chat

Supernova: You report everything as spam even though your posts are mainly spam and the posts you report aren't spam. Also 4FunPlayin does not register accounts to bypass any bans. Also he only had 1 or 2. Against 8 of you.


Number1: i did not have 8
Number1: list them
Number1: come pussy
Number1: come on
Number1: tick

Supernova: Due to this mail you won't get unbanned.

Have fun with your life.

Number1: aw are u raging

Number1: im sorry about what i said bye forever now post this on the site i want everyone to see my goodbye

Number1:the reason i over reacted was because i have been to the doc and she said u have some lung illness and i have been sick for past 3 to 4 weeks

Number1:Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat i was un ip banned for like 6 min then it went back on

Number1: darn

Supernova: I removed the IP ban yesterday already, I think.

Number1: o thank you it been glitch it goes off and on i am really sorry my sickness got the best of me

Number1: am i allowed to make a new account or can u give me back my old one

Number1: ??

Number1: /???????//???????//??????///??????????//???????///???????//

Number1: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Number1: should i make a new account or stick with my old one and u unban it?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Supernova: There is a reason I banned you. I will not unban you anytime soon. If you make a new account I will reban you.

Number1: so i should just watch u guys post and chat

Supernova: You may do so. I honestly do not care at all.

Number1: SO i can Make aN accoUnt

Supernova: From now on I will ignore your mails because you obviously do not even try to read and understand mine.

Number1: u said i could 2 emails below so it a yes
You really should get a life.
[Image: gtfo_kopie.png]
This was kind of a predictable chat .....
Add more mails containing "???" from you.
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