Full Version: The OFFICIAL Custom emblem Thread!!
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Post your awesome emblems here!!!

Some I liked :


[Image: e1ffop.jpg]
I need to reach lvl 40(43) to be able to create my awesome emblem...>:3
Once I have it I'll post it up here.
Nothing that really hard to do..
But HEY my emblem is postedBig GrinWinkBig Grin
[Image: 69638773.png]

Edit by SuperNovaAO: Next time put the direct image link inbetween the IMG tags
Good stuff. All this reminds me of APB, lol!
Well one is a copy of semme:
[Image: blackopsmp2010111205562.png]

and one is mine:

[Image: blackopsmp2010111205582.png]
This is so mine :p i think its awesome if you have time to rate please do :p

[Image: a2fy1y.png]
[Image: playercardg.png]
There... finally... Resident Evil fan right here:

[Image: 25188466.png]

Dumb enough, the triangles are part of an dodecagram and not an octagram like they should be but it gives the Umbrella logo a neat dissorted look :3
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