Full Version: how to mod weapons?
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hey all,
I would like to know how to modify some of the weapons and what steps I have to do to get them in the mod.
I do know how to change some of the settings using notepad, like ammo, damage, etc. like in cod4

just don't know where to put them in my mod folder to get them to work.
any help would be appreciated


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1. Open the Launcher (mod tools) and click on Tools > New Mod.
2. Type in the name of your mod starting with "mp_"
3. Click on View Mod
4. Create a new folder in there called "weapons"
5. Create a new folder in weapons called "mp"
6. Put your modified files in there
7. Go back to the Launcher and click on Edit zone source
8. add the following line for every weapon:
so it should look like this in the end (with other names maybe)
9. Save the file and go back to the Launcher
10. Click on Link FastFile and make sure it checked
11. Click on Build Mod and start the game and play the mod Smile
AT FIRST go into the Asset Manager, open a weapon file, modify it, press F10.
Then go to raw, weapons, mp and copy the weapon file uve modified Wink
ok will give it a go

thanks for the help guys.

choobie the noobie