Full Version: How to unlock full ingame console [SP]
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Heres a quick tut on how to unlock ingame Console for [SP]

1 - Go to "call of duty black ops\players\Config.CFG"

2 - Go to EDIT >> Search and search for "seta monkeytoy" and edit it to "0" and save!

3 - Now go to "call of duty black ops\players\Config_mp.CFG

4 - Go to EDIT >> Search and search for "Seta Monkeytoy" and edit it to "0" And save!

5 - Now go to SP and press the console butten the one u press in CoD BO [MP] and it should bring a console up

This was found by me and Kingpingvin.
Thereisacow 1337 Big Grin
If I do this do I have to put my Config_mp read only?

you mean config not _MP
Yay, now I can cheat in campaign and zombie mode Big Grin
Cheats in SP must be detected. I am not sure.. Correct me if im wrong. VAC is on in SP zombies.
Actually Update 2 removed the console from SP, so this is obsolete.