Full Version: Passwords For Terminal [UPDATED w/users!]
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Look down and hammer SPACEBAR or twiddle the sticks on the xbox to get out of the chair, go to the PC and activate it then type 'login', then ENTER followed by the username and password [read their mail, ls their home directory and cat their files!]

jfkennedy - lancer
vbush - manhattan
twalker - radi0
roppen - trinity
wraborn - bromlow
tbrooks - lauren
rnixon - checkers
rkain - sunwu
rjackson - saintbridget
rhelms - lerosey
lbjohnson - ladybird
jturner - condor75
jmccone - Berkley22
jhudson - bryant1950
jbowman - uwd
gweaver - gedeon
fwoods - philly
dking - mfk
bharris - goskins
asmith - roxy
amason - password

empty /home directories (no user in who):

rlogin dreamland:
vbush - majestic1
twalker - thanksdad
roppen - trinity

rlogin dod:
rmcnamara - ?

rlogin derriese:
nice find
(11-11-2010, 01:33)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]nice find

Thanks Wink I've read all the mails and checked out some of the more basic stuff (somebody cheating with the psychiatrist, mason's bio, info on mkultra and a glance at the project servant thing which looks like it could be a big puzzle). Decoded some stuff too, nothing really relevant though. If anybody finds something both obscure and interesting, please do post it - I'm interested!