Full Version: Xbox 720 and PS4 to be announced at E3 2012
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that would be nice, but I'm a pc guy i don't use console
I was going to buy a PS3 just to play games like Littlebigplanet, but if the PS4 is in sight.. hmm.

Still I think it will be 2014 atleast for its released so whatever Big Grin
YAY! The current 5-6 Year old console are holding back most game devs with their shitty looking games. With better console hardware, PC games will end up being DX11 and should look pretty damn good for 2-3 years before they look pretty bad again.
So... you mean they are going to change the logo and put a cool new one with 720 writen on the side...?

Performance: Still the same, just more ram.

Pure PC guy here too Big Grin.

But seriously one thing with consoles. you are limited to gaming (with the additional performance).

Can't use many mods or customize your game.

Okay i'll stop the rant...