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There have been some wrong ideas among modders about how to load your own code in Mods.
Most people change the _rank.gsc in order to do so.
This is a bad habit, even though it might feel easy: If Treyarch decides to change their own internal code (functionnames you will never need) and you rely on an old _rank.gsc in your mod, it will break the game in a later patch. You will also miss functionality in case it does not break completely.

Since CoD1 there has been the way to create the maps\mp\_load.gsc file.

Put your initialization code in the main() { ... } of that file to load your mod without any influence of external Treyarch files (which is also kinda illegal to include them in your mod because they are copyrighted and you just copy their work and release it (you don't hear me complain about that one)).
Stickied for truth.
I did this right before you posted lol
Ah disregard this, this is wrong.
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