Full Version: [Partly Approved] Some new (x-men) roll ideas
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Name: Wolverine

Description : The player is faster and can jump higher (maybe both x1.5) and got twice of the hp and very fast regeneration but hes only able to use ballistic knive.
Name: Storm

Description: A smoke cloud (maybe from a smoke nade) follows the player and some rockets (like the paranoid roll but with real rockets which can kill people near to the player) fall down like bolts.
Name: Pyro

Descrption: The player is able to shoot flames with their melee. If its possible , you can shoot the flames from the flamethrower but bigger and without having the flamethrower, so the flames replace the normal melee attack.
balistick knifeves but no ammo and make it x5 fast credit - number1
Wolverine is already there, considering that it's impossible to make higher jump height.
Storm is already there by the name of 'Smoker'. I could combine that and Rapist though. Thanks.
Pyro is already sort of there under the name of Wizard.

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