Full Version: [Partly Approved] A couple of roll ideas
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1)Ultimate Ninja

Description: Make them be able to turn into an object like a box, gas tank, jeep etc (Like in the hide-n-seek mod) and have them be invisible for like 15 seconds while they choose their disguise. Only allowed to use melee and have marathon pro + ninja pro + 3rd person POV.

Credits: Hide-n-seek maker and you can give me some oreo cookies Big Grin

2)Sneaky Snake.

Description: Have the player only be allowed to be prone but have him be able to move fast like if he was running (marathon pro). Give him a gun with bullets that only paralyze/freeze a player (no matter how many he shoots at them) and then have him kill the player by melee lunge. Make them only be killed by headshot.


Description: Make the world turn red (like the vision from the terminator) and give them a minigun. Give them 4x the normal health.


Description: Give them super jump and ballistic knives. Instead of shooting knives they shoot out either rpg's or Reaper bullets or some kind of explosive ammunition that goes in a straight line and kills a player. If you can, have the words "Hadouken" appear every time they shoot.

5)Say hello to my little friend

Description: Unlimited Noob tubes via M16.

6)Sucky Sucky 5 dolla

Description: Have them only be able to be crouched, give em the ability to "suck other players health" by being real close to them and killing them after being within their vicinity for 2 seconds. Make them bulletproof and have to be meleed 3 times to be killed. Make them extra effective against the "Vampire" roll by sucking up 200 of their health every 4 seconds or something.

7)Evil Drunken Cupid

Description: Give crossbow to a player but have him flying around randomly... Put a diaper on them if you wish Big Grin

8)Hot Wheels

Description:Have a player weaponless but give him unlimited RC-XD's

9)Dog Whisperer

Description: Have someone weaponless but let them be able to call in dog killstreak every like 3 minutes. Have the dogs only kill players that are within the "dog whisperers" vicinity (If possible). But have the character of the player be screaming so in case he decides to camp other players can easily find him.


Description: Have a player only be able to walk slowly and no jumping, only give him tomahawks and ballistic knives (no ammo) to be used only for meleeing. Give him like 1500hp.

11)It's me Mario. Hello.

Description: Have a player only be able to walk and jump real high (like in mario). Give him Unlimited tomahawks (Red bullets like in mario that bounce before killing someone. Tomahawks seemed better than noob tubes because they actually bounce) No meleeing and no weapons. Just toma.

That's all I could come up with for now.

Added 'Jason'. The others were either overpowered, impossible, already there, already partly there, or would take over 300 lines of code to make.

Also added the red vision idea to Terminator, thanks C:
Btw could you explain to me why the roll Jason should be named Jason?
(06-10-2011, 16:56)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: [ -> ]Btw could you explain to me why the roll Jason should be named Jason?

You've never seen the "Friday the 13th" movies? They're about this big ass dude named Jason with a big ass machete who chops people up. Kinda like freddy krueger. But this guy moves really slow and guns can't kill him.... If they can no one had enough ammo to take him down nor lived long enough to try XD

Here's a pic of him
[Image: jason.jpg]