Full Version: Mod help
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I made this mod using House's iMod tool. When I run it in-game it loads just fine, but none of the mods work. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? You can take a look at it with the download below. Thanks!Big Grin
Ok ill look at it Nyan Cat
1.) It is mods for xbox, yea? DPAD_DOWN?
2.) I know that clientscripts do not work more, you need to compress your mod to iwd.
3.) I think main problem... Your RANK file is called "_rank.gsc.gsc" DOUBLE .gsc. first of all try to delete second .gsc
Yeah well its my first mod could you maybe fix that for me and repost it ? Thanks, I will give you credit when I release the mod. Big Grin
P.S. I would do that myself but I'm preety busy ATM. Thanks again.