Full Version: IDEAL stainless steel
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Hello Itsmods! Here comes IDEALstainless steel mod!!!

TEAMS: Ninja's & S.W.A.T.
WEAPONS: Ballistic knife, Tomahawk, Mellee knife.
BOTS SUPPORT: INCLUDED , but with lags (lags = *, see "lags" section)
VISION: INCLUDED "camera_spike_mp"
PERKS: Sprint recovery and fast ADS. *
OTHER: team icons, vip-list, links to ITSMODS, fps boost, gameplay dvars*, special refilling system *.

Two teams that fight with each other using only stainless steel weapons.

VIP's features
PERKS: Sprint recovery, fast ADS, loud enemies, no fall-damage *.
OTHER: Special refilling system. 1 ballistic knife refills per minute *

HOST's features
PERKS: Sprint recovery, fast ADS, loud enemies, no fall-damage, fast mellee recovery, fast reload *
WEAPONS: Default (like players and VIP's) + crossbow.
OTHER: Special refilling system. FULL REFILL OF AMMO each minute.

1.) Dvars (score dvars, anti-killstreak dvars, perk dvars) may not work. When I debugged game, 70% of dvars were working. PM me if you find more dvar lags.
2.) Bots. This is not lag, I wuld like to just notice that in combat training bots cannot throw tomahawks (silly noobs Big Grin)
3.) Vip list lag - idk whether this is real lag, but it should work like
Quote:1 ballistic knife refills per minute
and once it worked for me. Then I added some more stuff and it stopped working. I dont know, but code is alright, same refilling system works if self is host.
PM me if you find more dvar lags.

[Image: 5DE74D25E77D22F7C687822DCF19A19609F4B478]
[Image: D94CF264829D5622B50CA43570E58CB329D2CE63]
[Image: A751CC647FB79B980790D0DAB4A08B7C56A0CD0B]
[Image: 540C4E73411E2F57C50235BC995FE7789D9E1D7E]
[Image: 64B514697EA62D4DA044DE84F524D10EE235533D]
[Image: E42735609D39ACCAD6D7139114E415FF4A495AC6]
[Image: 8484B6574161D117C7F8ADF0164F3BB4162A45E1]
[Image: 3275FABBAB79935E528C7E5C94B3B9CD750B6342]
[Image: A15AC740F0059AEB9830B3C36F5AB266BC1BC41C]

G-Man - making mod + idea of mod
tw!x - beta-tester #1
Hector (rotceh_dnih) - beta-tester #2 + helped a lot
ALISTAIR3194 (unr3strict3d) - iSnipe v2.6 (fps boost, some dvars)
Pozzuh - scrolling HUD code - without this best web-site in the world i wouldnt even know what "mod" means.

PM me if:
you have any suggestions on this mod
you would like to work with me at some mod together
you need beta-tester Smile
you think i forgot to put you into credits
you found any lag

Itsmods: G-Man
Steam: demize71
Steam nickname: [Its] G-Man
Medal of Honor: THERMALprestige
E-mail: titan-history[at]

Nice mod, I don't like the part where the host or anyone else gets advantages though
i agrre nice mod
ehm... as for me i dislike it too. but i want hosts, who downloaded this mod from here get more fun so that in future the chance they will return back here for more mods will be higher. besides, when it will be turned on at itsmods servers (and it WILL BE) the host function will be turned off (what host? it is server, no hosts there!) and vip list will be turned off by me myself. so that
1.) people who download mod will get more fun
2.) people who will play at our official servers will play fair cause there such functions will be turned off.
idk i sorta like the the advantage but i would prefer advantages like some of the ones in ptk like give weapon and such also i love the admin menu in ptk if possible u should make one similar anyway great mod
i can make same mod with PTK stuff spec for you. do you want me to proceed?
nice g-man. i like